Sunday, 5 June 2011

Infotech - a snapshot of the world of computing in 1988

Back in 1988 I published a book of photocopy masters for use in secondary schools called 'Infotech'. I still have a copy, so I decided to scan the pages and create a PDF version. The idea of the book was to give a comprehensive view of the ways computers were impacting on the world, with an introduction to as many applications as possible, from farming to air travel, and from medicine to war. What I find fascinating looking back is that all of this was before the Internet. It is easy to forget how things were done in those days. I've made the publication available here as an historical curiosity, to show just how far we have come in such as short time. I find it amusing that at the time I thought it was important to devote a whole page to the humble mouse! Notable omissions, apart from the Internet, were mobile and wireless technologies. Click on the cover image to download and view the PDF file. The file is only suitable for on-screen viewing, to keep the size down.

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TonyParkin said...

I'm pleased to notice that you illustrated the Electronic Office with my Mac, rather than your own Nimbus, given the times you used to sneak down to use it for that purpose ;) : Tony Parkin

theok said...

Thanks for sharing this Sheyne, think it is important to look back in order to move forward. Really enjoying and love drawing of Mac Plus.